AP Smartphones Scheme 2017 Free BPL Students Registration

By | December 3, 2016

AP Smartphones Scheme 2017 Free BPL Students Registration | GET Online Smartphones for BPL Students Andhra Pradesh Scheme 2017 | Below Poverty Line Students Get a Smartphone Free form Goverment Under Digital Babu Campaign.

After the recent demonetization of two currency notes in the nation, the whole nation is adamantly shifting towards cashless ways of transacting. This includes online wallets, net banking, Debit cards, credit cards and more. In order to be on the move and transact without any cash the biggest aid is a smartphone that can contain the apps that are required for online bookings and payments. While these days most people have smartphones, there are many that cannot afford this piece of technology and are bound by the paper currency for all their transactions. In order to promote the cashless India view that the PM has, various online wallets in the name of the PM have been launched. Since the demonetization, it these BPL families that are unable to afford smartphones and online wallets that are suffering the most. Because of their dependence on hard cash, the demonetization has affected them the most. To facilitate a possibility for these young men and women of the nation, a scheme for the state of Andhra Pradesh has been initiated and is soon going to be launched officially by the CM.

AP Smartphones Scheme

Scheme Start In – 2017

Scheme Benefit – BPL Students

Smartphone Amount -60 Lakh Total

Distributed by – CM N. Chandrababu Naidu

Offcial website – Released soon

Starting Date of Registration – 

Last Date of Registration – 

Mode Of Registration – Online

With internet exploding everywhere and becoming a portal for boundless possibilities, it is safe to say that the current generation is one which is strongly held together by the world wide web. Numerous business ventures are prospering because of the internet and gain their publicity, advertisement as well as clientele through the vast internet user pool of the world. In this present situation, a person devoid of this connectivity is bound to be left out of the race at some point of time.

AP Smartphones Scheme

AP Smartphones Scheme

With the view to make India connected, the CM of Andhra Pradesh Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu will soon be releasing a scheme in the state for all the Below Poverty Line students. Under the Chandrababu Naidu Free Mobiles Yojana, over 60 lac girls and boys below the line of poverty will be recipients of free smartphones. Using these the students will be able to gain the knowledge that the Internet has to offer in addition to the online services, most important being online transactions to eradicate the need of cash.

AP Smartphones Scheme Requirements for a Students

Applicants is a Residence of Andhra Pradesh

HE/She should be Belong to BPL Family

HE/SHE Has a Valid ID Card of School or Collage.

Out of  BPL Family applicants will be automatically rejected. 

In the race towards digitization that the whole nation is embarked on, the state of Andhra Pradesh has taken a huge step by the introduction of such a scheme. With the free smartphones for BPL students in Andhra Pradesh, the CM aims at improving the digital literacy of the state and also at solving the issue with hard cash. The scheme has not yet being officially released, but a lot meetings are being held to discuss the various terms and aspects that have to be considered. Once the budget is passed by the state cabinet, the state government with its technical department will issue a tender for the companies of smartphones. The various specifications that the government plans to provide through the free smartphones will be listed in the tender invitation after which the contract will be handed over to the most apt company.

Andhra Pradesh Smartphone Scheme

The online process of applying for the free smartphones will begin shortly after the contract is cleared. The government will accept invitations from students of the state of Andhra Pradesh with a valid Aadhar Card and also with the BPL certificate or ration card with their name to prove their financial status. It is expected that well over 60 lac students will be befitting from this scheme and can expect to be handed over their free handsets shortly. To stay updated keep following the leading news channels and newspapers and apply online with your aadhar number to be eligible for the scheme.

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How to Apply for AP Smartphones Scheme

Visit the Page of Digital BABU Scheme Update soon.

Then go to Registration Online section and Click on It.

Enter the Required Information  Like Name, Father/Mather Name, Age , Qualification and Phone Number, District and Other,

Then Press Registration Button and Wait for OTP Code.

Then you GET A OTP and Put it into website.

Then your Process is Completed.