BP PLc Petrol Pump Dealership | 3500 Franchise Advertisement 2017 Details

By | November 17, 2016

BP PLc Petrol Pump Dealership | 3500 Franchise Advertisement 2017 Details, Essar Oil British Petroleum Public Limited Company 3500 Petrol Pump Distributionship in India Apply Online and Application forms download :: BP PLC is a very popular petroleum company, with its head quarters situated at London. The company is fully named as the British Petroleum Public Limited Company. BP PLC was established long away in the year 1908. Now this company is among the supermajors of the world. Supermajors are the worlds seven oil and gas companies. BP PLC is also a big multinational oil and gas company. The company serves transportation fuel into several places. British Petroleum acquired various other oil companies and have now became the world’s 3rd largest oil company. Now the BP PLC is also interested in opening new petrol pumps in India also.

BP PLc Petrol Pump Dealership

The Indian government has given the license to British Petroleum to open up new petrol pumps in India. As per the latest news it came in front that British Petroleum has granted license to open up 3500 new petrol pumps in the country. The 3500 petrol pumps will be opened in various places of the country so that the need of the fuel can be fulfilled. BP PLC is the second foreign player to serve the transportation fuel in India, after Shell. Reliance Industries and the Essar Oil company are also among those who are fighting to get a share in expanding the fuel market in India.

BP PLc Petrol Pump Dealership 3500 Franchise

BP PLc Petrol Pump Dealership 3500 Franchise

As with time the sale of the fuel is increasing. It is recorded that between the months of April – August the sale of petrol grew up 14 per cent whereas the diesel sales increased by 6 per cent. The vehicles and the factories are increasing day by day so is the demand for the fuel. So to meet up these increasing demands of the fuel in the country, the Indian Government granted permission to British Petroleum to open up new petrol pumps in the country. British Petroleum also sees a great future of transporting fuel in the country. British Petroleum will contribute in the transportation fuel in India towards its development in to the longer term.

BP PLc Petrol Pump 3500 Franchise

The marketing rights for the transportation fuel is given in the hands of a firm which is investing and is proposing to invest 2000 crores in exploring and producing fuel including petrol, diesel and jet fuel. Moreover they are also about to produce new refineries, pipelines and terminals in the country. BP PLC is all set to bring up its long years experience and global expertise in India. British Petroleum has also promised to give an brand equity to the Indian fuel retailing markets. At present Indian oil corporations controls only 45 % of filling stations in India i.e. More than 25000 petrol pumps. On the other side some private firms such as Reliance Industries and Essar Oil controls about 1400 and 1200 petrol pumps respectively and Shell operates 85 filling station.

The 3 Basic Things Before You Get the BP PLc Petrol Pump Dealership 2017

  1. Land :: For Opein a BP PLc Petrol Pump You need 800 Square Mtr area. The Criteria for Highways is 1200 Sq Mtrs.
  2. Investment :: When the all formalities regarding the land is Over then you have the Investment.
  3. Legal Approval :: In the Legal you have to take Legal approval form the Government.

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On the other hand British Petroleum has owned up to 17000 companies, franchised and retail stations across the world including 15000 in US and Europe. It also have a share in 13 oil refineries across the globe. So we can say that it is a good decision taken by the Indian government to grant the license of petrol pumps to British Petroleum. This can lead the retail markets of transportation fuel to an another level of success.