DDA Flats Scheme 2017 – Housing Scheme For 13000 Houses Online

By | January 24, 2017

DDA Flats Scheme 2017 – Housing Scheme For 13000 Houses Online – As now days the houses will be distributed through the lottery scheme or with the draw. As this is very much good plan to the same.  So the Like the other cities of the India in the Delhi you will also afford your house. As the same will be get from the Delhi development Authority. With the help of the DDA Flats you will get the most affordable house in the Delhi. Sometime we will not with our family because of the costly houses in the Delhi. So with this scheme you will get the house of your own and shift your family from your native villages to the big city like Delhi. As they will gives you the houses in the very beautiful places of the Delhi.  So if you not registered yourself for the same scheme. Not you will be have to chance to registration. So registration start very soon and you will have to fill the application form and then you will be claim of house in your name.  As the authority will be offering you 13,148 as the same will be increase or decrease with the passage of time

Culminating dramatically, the DDA meetings on the Housing Scheme for 2016 has finally come to a conclusion with a huge announcement. The meeting held under the leadership of LG Najir Ganj the DDA has finally put a green sign to the Housing Scheme for 2016 and has given it a green flag. This newly announced scheme will be releasing 13,148 new houses to the families in New Delhi. These thirteen thousand homes feature HIG, MIG, LIG, Single Rooms, IHS, and Janta flats in multiple locations set by the DDA.

Most of the approved flats in this year’s Housing Scheme will include those that were previously announced in 2014 by the DDA. The 13,148 homes will be allotted to selected candidates based on the sorting of the applications filed and the application process along with the complete details will be released by December or January 2017. 11,544 of the flats in the current scheme are from the original scheme of 2014.

DDA Flats Scheme 2017

DDA is – Delhi Development Authority

Scheme Name – DDA Housing Scheme 2017

Total Flats – 13000

Application Date – January 2017

Flats Type – HIG / MIG / LIG / Single / Janta Flats / EHS Flats.

Flats Amount – LIG – 11672 / EHS – 563 / Janta – 437 / MIG – 398 / HIG – 79.

DDA Flats - Housing Scheme 2017

DDA Flats – Housing Scheme 2017

LIG and single room flats alone count to 11,671, 563 homes are from the IHS category, Janta flats are 437, MIG homes amount to 398, HIG homes are 79 in number. The people looking for a roof over their head that belongs to them alone legally will be happy to know that the HIG homes that were supposed to be auctioned in a separate manner are also being included into this scheme for auctioning. The people that are wishing to apply for any of these have to be quick on their heels and begin their registration as soon as the lines are opened.

Because a large amount of people will be applying at once, it can be expected that the process will be a long one. In order to successfully be registered and considered by the DDA for the auctioning the candidates need to submit along with their registration forms a fee for advance payment. This fee for Janta flats, IHS, LIG, and Single Rooms is One Lakh rupees. The registration money for MIG and HIG homes has been set at Rupees 2 lakh.The locations of these 13,148 flats are all over the Delhi area. Spanning across the capital, the flats are available at various densely populated areas with ease of transportation and easy accessibility.

DDA Housing Scheme For 13000 Flats

locations for DDA Flats Housing Scheme 2017

Sarita Vihar




Sukhdev Vihar





Dilshad Garden

Pashchim Vihar


Mukherjee Nagar

The DDA has made the provision of early withdraw and full refunding of the registration money for those that change their minds about purchasing the flats. This withdraw of registration can be done by the candidates before the draw is made by the DDA and the authority will initiate the process of refunding the registration amount back to the bearer’s account. This is a crucial information as those that surrender their flats after the draw will be unable to get their registration money. The DDA holds the right to the submitted registration amount by a selected candidate who chooses to surrender the allotted home post the draw.

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Another new thing that has been included in this year’s scheme is that while in the earlier schemes the applicants had the option of selecting one of the three options for location of their new homes, this scheme will allow applicants to choose from seven options in locality. The registration process will be made available by DDA by both the online and offline form submission process. the interested people should stay updated on the matter by referring to the DDA’s web portal. The news will also be covered by the leading newspapers so remember to stay alert for the registration process opening in order to grab the chance and own your own property in Delhi.

DDA Flats 2017 Under DDA Housing Scheme, will be released in the End of February. Now the official date will be updated with in one or two weeks. All the applicants those are waiting for the DDA Housing Scheme we want to tell them the official will released notification soon. After the DDA Flats official notifications the Application forms substitution process will be start. Now you need to wait for few more days.