Essar Petrol Pump Franchise India | Dealership Application Forms

By | December 26, 2016

Essar Petrol Pump Franchise India | Essar Petrol Pump Dealership Application Forms, Golden chance to open the petrol pump as the company will going to offer you the golden opportunity to open the petrol pump just completing the following formalities.

As if you are wishing to be owner of the petrol pump then there is a great chance to open the petrol pump of your own. Essar Oil in the coming between 12 to 18 months and they are increasing the number of the petrol pump in all across the country. As they increases in the number 5600 petrol pump in the India. As this company already provided the 2800 connection in the area and now they are going to open new 2800 petrol pump in all over the India. As the Essar Oil already take so much benefit with their previous plan and take the so much profit of the same. So with the calculation of the previous profit now the company wants to increase its plan. as this company given the private connection of the Petrol Pump.  So in this circumstance if you are interest to open the New Petrol Pump in your area then you surely have to apply for the same.  This is the very big company and having  its head office at Mumbai .

Essar Petrol Pump Franchise

As now I am going to discussed with you the complete procedure of the opening of the new petrol pump.

As the company Essar Oil already having the  2833 petrol pump in major or as well as in minor citifies of the India.

So now the company would like to increase its business in all over the India with calculating the profit of the previous petrol pump.

Now the 2800 in number of the petrol pump going to be open.

As you will have to take the benefit of this golden chance.

Requirement to open the Petrol Pump:-

For the dealership of the Essar Oil Petrol Pump you have the 800 Sq. meters land  in which the project has to be installed.

In case you want to open it in High-way then you have to 1200 Sq. meters land.

After that you will have to download the application form for the dealer ship of the Petrol Pump by visiting the official site of the Essar oil i.e.

As the form will be applicable in both the languages as Hindi and also in English.

You can apply online for the dealership of the  Petrol Pump of Essar Oil.

As the company very honestly choose the operator for the dealership/.

As the company will not give the tender to the any candidates for this dealership.

Essar Petrol Pump Dealership Process

Only in between five months the Essar oil increases its Petrol pump.  As the most of the connection of the Essar Oil  have in 2 Tiar and also in 3  Tiyor Cities.  So now the company going to open tits Petrol Pump in all over the country in all national high ways. As the company will going to invest the 1200 corer rupee. With the increases of the petrol pump the job will be offered to the many of the candidates.

Within how much you will get the Essar Petrol Pump Franchise

After you application form the company will take the survey of the place where you would like to install the project then  if you fit in the companies rule and regulation then within one month the company will allot you the dealership to install the Petrol pump.

Offered to the owner of the Petrol Pump Essar Petrol Pump Franchise

That the company will provided you the Engineer and their technical expert for the installation of the Setup and the engineer which are provided by the company will gives you the design of the Petrol Pump. And they also gives you the information about the scheme time to time.

Requirements by the Essar Petrol Pump Franchise

  1. Land: as the Essar Oil want 800 Sq. Feet land in Towns and in Highway they want 1200 Sq. feet land and that can be taken on lease for 30 years.
  2. Investment: Investment will be chosen by the company.
  3. Legal Acceptance: as for installation you must have to take the legal acceptance by the nearest legal authority and also have to take the license for selling the petrol in that area.