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Eye Drops Baba Balwinder Singh Free in Jalandhar Magic Happens

Eye Drops Baba Balwinder Singh Free Jalandhar Magic Happens form the Magical Eye Drops People Eye Vision correct and Specs Removed and Improved medicine. We have heard numerous times that when science fails and all hope is lost, miracles do happen. One such miracle that is claimed to be happening in Punjab is the return of vision in blind people and the amazingly curing effect that the miracle eye drops by a baba. 13 kilometers from Jalandhar City on the way to Pathankot is a small village called Krishangarh Daana Mandi, where a man is selflessly distributing a unique potion that claims to revive dead and diseased vision cells and cure most eye diseases with regular use.

Eye Drops Baba Balwinder Singh Free Jalandhar

Eye Drops Baba Balwinder Singh Free Jalandhar

This man is Baba Balwinder Singh and he is a self-proclaimed saint who says that he has been chosen by God for this holy purpose. Calling his potion Prasad (or a gift from God), Baba Balwinder Singh has been practicing his methods for the last 27 years in various regions of Punjab. Though he is not certified by the Drug Safety Department or the National Health Safety Department, the Baba has been distributing the eye drops for free, setting up camps in various regions from time to time.

Eye Drops Baba Balwinder Singh Free Jalandhar

Baba Balwinder Singh has been distributing these eye drops for a very long time now and claims that he has seen improvements in 10-12 blindness cases too. These blind people reach the Baba at his distribution point where they receive this potion and with a daily use of several months they say that their vision seems to miraculously return. Distributing his potion completely free, the Baba only delivers the Prasad to the patient who visits his personally, people taking medicines for others are not entertained and do not get the magical effects of the potion. It is said that a person wearing glasses will be rid of the same by regular use of the magical potion. For people using glasses for a deficient vision of upto +/- 3 improvement can be seen with regular use in 2 months. People with larger deficiencies are also cured but the treatment time increases to about 6 months.

Magical Eye Drops Baba Balwinder Singh Free Jalandhar

With no medical supervision or registration under the medical and pharmaceuticals department, using the magical medicine is a risk that many would rather avoid. But, this is not the case, it is said that more than 3-4 thousand people visit the saint for his eye drops each day at his distribution point. The Baba comes to work on the weekends as well and only takes day off on Monday. The heavy crowd that he sees each day is in the few hours he works from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. More than 30 thousand visitors come during the weekends.  This has come as a boon for the people that cannot afford regular treatments because of their financial conditions, and many such patients that have failed to get any form of relief from conventional medicine.


After a recent notice by the NHRC, Eye Drops Baba Balwinder Singh Free Jalandhar had to stop distributing this medicine because of legal and medical concerns. The saint had earlier said that as long as he does not get an official complaint he will not stop his good deed that he has been summoned to do by God. After receiving the official notice, Baba Balwinder Singh has stopped the distribution for the time being and is working on getting necessary legal help to begin his process again. All the well wishers of Baba can track down his work and updates by regularly checking the news channels or by contacting him. All the ones that were getting benefitted by the miracle eye potion are hoping that Baba Balwinder Singh gets the clear chit from the NHRC and begins the distribution again.


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