Google Entry Level Smartphone 30$ (2000 Rs) In India – Sundar Pichai

By | February 14, 2017

Google Entry Level Smartphone 30$ (2000 Rs) In India – Sundar Pichai, CEO Of Google Sundar Pichai Said India Need Smartphone of 30$ Means Less Then 2000 INR.

Every one of us are aware that the prices of the smartphones are hiking day by day. The prices of the smart phones are increased at such high pace that now the middle income groups are not able to afford the smart phones. The smart phone containing the latest features ranges too high and a normal middle families are not able to buy them. Due to these high rates of the smart phones some people don not use them and this is the reason that the country is still behind in technology. When every one in the country will be using the latest technologies such as the smart phones and the internet then the country can be formed into a Digital India.

Google Entry Level Smartphone 30$

Looking into the issue, recently the chief executive officer of Google, Mr. Sunder Pichai said about Google Entry Level Smartphone 30$, that the prices of the smart phones must fall down. He said that the prices of the smart phones must be down up to $30 then only the people of the country can access to the internet and the digital services. Mr. Panchai said that the price of the smart phones in India must comes down to Rs. 2000 then the lower and middle income groups of the country will found it affordable to buy. When both these income groups will be using the smart phones and the digital services then the digitization will be formed in India.

He also said that we should also focus on to improve the accessibility to the internet as well as the digital solutions for the people of the country. He also said that the another reason the people do not use the smart phones is the language barrier. So he added that the Google is servicing a number of tasks like Web Saathi for the people of the country especially for the people of rural areas. Google is working on it to make such services which will be available in the local languages as feasible. As in rural areas there are very small number of people who use English in talking and other works. This kind of development will also be made on the Android. To operate in various other languages is a large focus and will help out the people in using the digital services and the internet.

Smartphone in 2000 Rupees – Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google and the Railtel are also making up a partnership to deploy the Wi-Fi services at the various Railway stations of the country. Mr. Pinchai also said that he is very much confident that India would be a great world wide player in the digital economic situation. As when every member of the country will be access able to the digital services and will be making the finest use of the smart phones and the electronics then India will certainly be having the ability to catch up with China on the electronics and digital front. Android gadgets are emerging in the markets of India and the couples of mobiles launched with the companies like Karbonn, Micromax and Spice etc. These mobiles phones were valued at Rs. 6,399 on wards. But those companies hit the market with the much more higher and better specifications. But now very soon the new smart phones are going to be launched with very low price.

The price of these upcoming smart phones will be from Rs. 2000 and the specification to the given to the smart phones will be much more higher then the previous ones. It is expected that then all the income groups will be able to afford the smart phones and their contribution towards the digital world will help in making a Digital India.