MHADA Lottery Refund Procedure 2018 | Complaint Process | Contact Number

By | January 19, 2018

8MHADA Lottery Refund Procedure 2017 | MHADA Lottery Refund Complaint Process | MHADA Lottery Refund Contact Number | MHADA Refund Status | MHADA Refund of Security Deposit.

MHADA Lottery Refund Procedure 2017, Complaint Process, Contact Number

MHADA Lottery Refund Procedure 2018, Complaint Process, Contact Number

The one of the most famous lottery scheme in the country is MHADA. It is mainly a government organization which helps in selling the flats and construction in the state of Maharashtra, India. Formerly the organization is known as Maharashtra Housing and Development Authority, in short MHADA. The organization was established in 1977 with its head office in Bandra, Maharashtra. The organization is completely engaged in the process of construction and selling the houses to middle level and lower level income group of the society. They sell the houses in the urban and semi – urban areas of Mumbai. The vice president and chief executive officer of this organization is Mr. Satish Gavai. He is the only one who has a major hand in organizing the MHADA lottery in the system.

MHADA Lottery Refund Procedure 2018

In the Refund Policy of MHADA this is clear that the amount you Despite will be refund to your If you are Not win Lottery for Flats. So with in 7 Days you can get your Money back.

To sell out the flats, MHADA basically organizes a lottery scheme. Under this lottery scheme all the civilians of the state who are willing to have their own flat or house in Mumbai apply for this lottery scheme. To apply for this scheme the interested people have to fill the online registration form and have to register themselves under this scheme. Some amount is also need to be paid at the time of registration, through online means. This lottery system is organized twice a year i.e. One at the starting of the year (January – February) and other at the middle of the year (July – August). Some specific dates are released by the authorities to apply for the lottery system.

When the last date of applying is over then the organization decided the date to commence the lottery officially. We can also call this system a lucky draw as in this the winners are announced through a lottery method.

MHADA Lottery Refund Complaint Process

In the MHADA Lottery Refund Complaint Process will be register on the official email id of the MHADA. You can also contact to the Official Number of MHADA is 9869988000.

But to apply for this lottery it is mandatory that every applicant applying must belong to the lower income group or to the middle income group. The people with the higher income status or who belongs to the higher income level group are not eligible to apply for this lottery scheme. Many of the people living in India must dream to stay in the city like Mumbai. People wish to have their own houses and flats in Mumbai city. But due to high expenses people are not able to do so. But MHADA lottery system has made it easier for all the lower and middle class families to buy a house in Mumbai city. Finally MHADA sells the houses and flats at very reasonable prices which the middle and lower income groups can afford.

MHADA Lottery Refund Contact Number

In MHADA Lottery Refund Contact Number is Helpline Number – 9869988000. So of you Have Question regarding this, you can call in office hours and ask for solution for your problem.

MHADA is conducting this lottery system since last couple of years. Some people also think that if they do not win then their money given at the time of registration will be wasted. But this is not so, as the previous records of this lottery system shows that the organization refunds the amount within 7 to 10 working days after the completion of the lottery. MHADA promises to refund the amount in the given bank account number through electronic payment system. So no need to worry about the amount.

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MHADA Refund Last Date

All the members who were not able to win will get their complete amount deposited as the application fee. So the unsuccessful people shouldn’t worry about the refund of the money, else they should try their luck at the another lottery. In case of getting more details regarding this lottery system the readers can visit the official site of MHADA or can call on the helpline service number of MHADA which is 9869988000. if need more Updates on MHADA Lottery Refund Procedure 2017. You need to read the PDF File.

More MHADA Lottery Updates

Refund Procedure is very Simple. You just follow the Steps witch are mentioned in this Post and you will get refund with in One week. Some time MHADA Lottery Refund Take some Time due to some technical fault or any discrepancy in the documents. In that case we provide you the phone number of the department. You just call them and get the full information about your refund. So guys we hope you like this article. Share you views with us or any story about MHADA Refund. Refund will be active after the Lottery Result. Those are not get Flats under MHADA they get Refund.

MHADA Lottery Result

After declaring the name of the winner of list of winner of the MHADA Lottery 2017, the Maharashtra Housing Area Development authority published the unsuccessful refund list of the applicant in the Mumbai region. So guys this mistake is done by you at the time of filling the online application form by filling the wrong information. And after the same the MHADA Lottery authority are failed to refund the money to those applicants. So guys if your name is also on the list then you all are unable to got your refund back by the authority. You can also contact with the MHADA authority in case of refund money. You can got the complete list by visiting the official website of the MHADA Lottery 2017. Now you have to wait till 10th November 2017  and if you are winner then good if not then can take your money back as token money from the authority.

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