National Rental Housing Policy India 2017 MHUPA Urban Areas In Hindi

National Rental Housing Policy India 2017 MHUPA Urban Areas In Hindi | नेशनल रेंटल पॉलिसी 2017 | मिनिस्टरी ऑफ हाउसिंग एंड उर्बन पोवेरटी. National Rental Policy 2017 Advantages, National Rental Policy in Hindi, Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation. 

Hi guys this post is about to aware about how to take the home on rent and give the home on rent. In these days every one due to their official work or for their better future not stay at their native village and other person are come to our native villages and we go to their places. And they take the house on the rent from our locality and we also find the house for our family at the different places where we settled due to our job etc.  So finding the suitable house for our family is not easy.

National Rental Housing Policy India

Otherwise if we find the same then the landlord of that house take the rent as they like which will not suits to our pocket. So at last every one like us find the house at the lower budget but good for our living.  Now for home purpose the Home Personal Financial property this post relates to you. So now we are going too introduced with the new scheme of the government under which the benefit also given to the landlords or also who want to take the house on the rent. Solet’s come with me I will disclose with you the complete information regarding the new scheme.

मिनिस्टरी ऑफ हाउसिंग एंड उर्बन पोवेरटी की और से नेशनल रेंटल पॉलिसी जल्दी हे लागू कर दी जाएगे। इस पॉलिसी में घर को रेन्ट पे देना या लेना आसान हो जाएगा। इस में रेन्ट पे घर लेने वालों को अब मनमरज़ी के पैसे नहीं देने होगे। इस में अब आप को सरकार द्वारा तय किया हुआ रेट ही मकान मालिक को देना होगा। अधिक जानकारी के लेय आप एमएचयूपीए के आधिकारिक वैबसाइट से देख सकते है.

So the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation has now going to introduced you all with the new scheme or policy.  As the name of this police is National rental Policy. So this National rental policy will be implemented from the next financial years which are not so much far. So after the implementation of the Policy namely National Rental Policy, this policy deals with the many of the benefit to the house which is on rent.  As with policy you have all comfortable like your own house. As the parking for your vehicle will also given under this scheme. So now the Government of India Monitoring the rental rate and it will be fixed on the house.

National Rental Housing Policy Main Object

As previously we know that this policy has been delayed for a very long time. But now this will be applicable. As per our source or information that the Officials of this policy have a discussion on this policy with the Secretary of the prime Minister. As the process of this is long but now it will go to be implemented.  Under this policy you will get the relief on the every term i.e. Legal, Financial and Administrative berries. As this policy is only made to remove these berries. So now the people can easily get the house on the rent.  As moreover this policy will be promote with the partnership of the Public as well as private partnership.  So the main object of this policy that due to above mentioned circumstances there are so many house which are vacant,  they will be charged accordingly  after giving them on the rent.

National Rental Housing Policy Advantage

These policies also have some advantages.  As the people who take the house on the rent they will have relaxation on the Income tax. As the   legal lease deed, rent deed and also stamp duty, there is relief on the same. Under this policy the constructor and builder also get the so much relief and benefit.  As the you will also get the loan under this policy at very loan interest from any Financial Institution .

National Rental Housing Policy Benefit of the Tenant

As the main benefit of this scheme is going to be with the tenant.  That under this scheme the tenant will get the benefit. As the tenant always have negative implementation with the rent. They also get the house without tax.  As the home owner and landlord always quarrel with each other for the rent now with this policy the fixed rate will be made by the department. As the rate will be fixed  area wise. So that everyone will be satisfied.

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National Rental Policy Important for Landlord: it is very important for the landlord that they will have to register themselves with our department. They will have to produce the Lease deed. So that we will see the area of that building and charged the rent accordingly. So to take the benefit of this National Rental Policy you have to make the lease deed and registered yourself with this scheme.

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