Splitsvilla Season 10 Auditions, Show Timing, Start Date MTV India

By | December 7, 2016

Splitsvilla Season 10 Auditions, Show Timing, Splitsvilla Season 10 Start Date MTV India Splitsvilla Season 10 Participate Process Form.

Almost everyone of us must have heard the name ‘ Splitsvilla ’. It one of the reality show of Indian Television. This show airs on one of the most popular channel of Indian Television i.e. MTV. The concept for this show was taken from an American show and is also fully based on the American dating Reality show named as ‘ Flavor of Love ’. In this show only young boys and girls can participate.

Splitsvilla Season 10

The show only revolves around boys and girls only who are trying to secure a villa i.e. Splitsvilla. The show is based on a sentence ‘ Hunt for Love ’. In this all the contestants ( both boys and Girls) compete in various tasks to stay up in the competition. The competition in this show is to make up good bonds and connections with each other and win the villa.

splitsvilla season 10

splitsvilla season 10

In this show the contestants needs to maintain their positions in the Splitsvilla Season 10 which will drive them towards the end. Some contestants are able to get their perfect partner and some failed to find their love and a perfect connection. This show only works on a principle of love and war. At the end of the show their remain only one king and one queen which are known to be the winners of the show. This is an interesting game which brings out various emotions and feelings out of the contestants such as friendship, love, hate, jealousy, insecurity, backstabbing and cheating etc. The final winners of the show i.e. The King and the Queen later get their awaited prize money and forms a bond of love.

Splitsvilla Season 10 Auditions

You know very well that in this equal amount of boys and Girls participate in Splitsvilla Season 10 . All of them one is Queen and One is King sleeted. Mainly in this show we see the bonding of the participants. Till now MTV Splitsvilla has completed their 9 shows successfully in the past years. The latest 2016 show was also completed successfully few months back. Now they are heading forward to bring up the Splitsvillafor the next year i.e. 2017.

In the past seasons of this show the host very Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Singh. Their superb chemistry has also made a lot in for the success of many seasons of this show. For the Splitsvilla Season 10 also the female host will be Sunny Leone but it is said the male host can be changed. By now the appropriate name for the male host is not yet finalized but the producers hope so that they will find it soon.

Splitsvilla Season 10 Show Timing

The Show Timing will be Saturday evening 7pm to 8pm on MTV India. The audition for 2017, Splitsvilla Season 10 will be started very soon and all the interested people can come in the auditions to be a part of the show. The dates for the auditions has not yet disclosed neither the forms are available. But by the end of this month the dates to apply, dates for auditions will be opened. The cities decided to make up the auditions will also be stated soon. So hurry up all the guys and gals, its time to make up to the Splitsvilla Season 10. So stay tuned to our site to get the latest updates regarding the season 10 of MTV Splitsvilla.

Splitsvilla Season 10 Start Date

Now the Splitsvilla 10 will be start in the year 2017. The final dates of the First Episode telicast will be updates soon. At present many of the youngsters have a rage among them to participate in Splitsvilla show. So now is the correct time to show your qualities. For the 2017 Season 10, the producers are expecting lots of candidates for the upcoming auditions of Splitsvilla Season 10.

My most favorite show on the MTV is Splitsvilla , as this is  most emotional, psychological shows and  this is  perform by the both the male and female. As this is the highlighted show of the MTV Channel.  This is also very much popular shows like other reality shows.  As I also watch this shows from last 8 years. Only this show has the most interesting concept as this is the duplicate show of the international show which is based on the Romantic couple show.  As the contestants of this shows also some time with the play fall in love with each other. Some time it will be   a serious relationship or some time they will start their relationship from this show and breakup also be on the same show and in the same season. It is really funny.  As they will be select the contestant from the other reality shows or some they will actor but now there is also door for the common people and very soon it will open for taking the audition.